Build 87 - Improved SSH support

Download: Build 87

Release date: 09 Feb 2018

  • Added ability to change default execution: run all or run current statement in SQL Query.
  • TablePlus respects ssh/config, when you create a new connect, no need to enter username, password, port and ssh keys anymore.
  • Added ability to set null/default/empty/now in the right panel.
  • Fixed a bug animation in textview in the right panel.
  • Improved tutorial create new connection.

Build 86 - New features

Download: Build 86

Release date: 04 Feb 2018

  • Supported mass update rows, you can select multiple rows and edit all rows in the right panel.
  • Added ability to turn off auto reconnect.
  • Upgrade PostgreSQL backup/restore binaries to 10.1.
  • Fixed a bug in backup/restore windows.
  • Supported filter columns in the right panel with regex: keyword1 keyword2
  • Updated icon set for blind color users.
  • Support open connection by Unix command: open an_url_string.
  • Added feature: import connection as URL.
  • Added feature: copy connection as URL.
  • Make popup report error bigger.
  • Corrected placeholder string in the left panel.
  • Support fuzzy search in the right panel.
  • Fixed a bug filter columns in the right panel.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug can’t execute a query in SQL Query.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug reload tab name in tabbed windows after switch database.
  • Many minor bugs were fixed.

Build 85 - EL Capitan supported

Download: Build 85

Release date: 27 Jan 2018

  • Fixed bug can’t open connection on EL Capitan.
  • Fixed bug showing wrong shotcut key in left panel place holder.
  • [MySQL] Fixed no database selected when running a query in SQL Query.

Build 84 - Workspace tab

Download: Build 84

Release date: 26 Jan 2018

  • Added workspaces tab.
  • Added open new connection button, shortcut: Command + Shift + K.
  • Added a search field in Database Window.
  • Search item + database + open anything with pattern prefix: ^ and suffix: $.
  • Apply fuzzy search for items on the left sider bar.
  • [MySQL] Added ability to change SSL Mode when creating a new connection.
  • Fixed a bug beautify SQL.
  • Fixed a bug “Show Main Menu” is not working in some cases.

Build 83 - Big Update

Download: Build 83

Release date: 21 Jan 2018

  • Added ability to change group icon in welcome screen.
  • [SQLite] Supported load resource file: .sqliterc.
  • [MySQL] Updated driver to version 5.7.21.
  • [MySQL] Corrected error report while testing new connection.
  • [MS SQL] Fixed rare case: result convert overflow.
  • Updated UI in-app notification.
  • Enabled Plugin Manager: command + L.
  • Added auto-uppercase for auto-complete keywords.
  • Added auto-covert empty to null for numeric and uuid.
  • Added behaviours tab in preferences.
  • Updated status bar font size.

Build 82 - UI updated, bugs fixes

Download: Build 82

Release date: 14 Jan 2018

  • Added an option keeps connections alive in preferences.
  • New preferences UI.
  • New account UI.
  • Press tab to auto-complete.
  • [PostgreSQL] fixed a bug: export table rows.
  • Removed the limitation group for the free version.
  • TablePlus now remembers item section states.
  • Show hidden folder while adding ssh key.
  • A lot of minor bugs were fixed.

Build 81 - Supported Function

Download: Build 81

Release date: 7 Jan 2018

  • TablePlus remembers all pane divider.
  • Supported create/update views.
  • Supported highlight syntax for PostgreSQL function.
  • Double click on Driver to create new connection.
  • Fixed double render count rows in table data.
  • Improved Stability.

Build 80 - Remove limitations

Download: Build 80

Release date: 30 Dec 2017

  • Click on the status on workspace to change status color.
  • Optimized performance while loading a table with billions of rows.
  • Fixed a bug: can’t create a unique index.
  • Fixed a bug: missing some foreign keys.
  • Fixed a bug: ordered wrong compound primary keys.
  • Fixed a bug show wrong table index in the right panel.
  • Fixed a bug crash while creating an index.
  • Potential crash fixes.

Build 79 - Remove limitations

Release date: 26 Dec 2017

  • Removed limitations on free version: connection, favorite.
  • Increased limitations on free version: 2 windows, 3 plugins.
  • Replace text in control commit/preview/discard by icons.
  • Added shortcut key for add new row/column, index: command + option + I.
  • Left alignment for float number.
  • Double click on title bar should maximum window size.
  • Supported edit cell data in quick look popup.
  • Added delete cascade in the menu. Hold shift/option when delete to trigger delete cascade and restart identify.
  • Fixed potential crash.

Build 78 - TLS Update

Release date: 21 Dec 2017

  • [PostgreSQL] Supported custom TLS.
  • [MySQL] Supported connect using custom SSL key file.
  • Supported add an empty row when double click on the tablespace.
  • [MySQL] Supported edit data in SQL Query result.
  • Fixed a crash bug when rendering plugin’s menu.
  • TablePlus now remembers lasted opened schema unique by database name.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug export rows.
  • Allow sorting rows in memory (sort SQL Query result, table structure, table index).
  • Fixed a bug workspace changed to default database after clicking on the dock icon.
  • Fixed a bug can’t edit data in a cell in some cases.
  • And many perfect pixels were fixed.

Build 77 - New features

Release date: 17 Dec 2017

  • [PostgreSQL] Supported partial index.
  • Supported rename tab (right click on the tab and rename it).
  • Added notification system, TablePlus will notify you when your query was completed (in case you have a long run query).
  • Added button show all workspaces. Now you can switch between opened workspaces easier.
  • Supported change status color, you can change the status color in new/update connection popup.
  • TablePlus can self-move to Applications folder.
  • Fixed bug TablePlus doesn’t update detail pane when changing table selection by arrow keys.
  • Fixed bug Apple layout (some segment control was cut off the edges).
  • Right aligment for number and split moment data type into 2 lines.
  • Corrected SQL Query status when executing long run queries in multiple tabs.

Build 76 - Bug fixes

Release date: 12 Dec 2017

  • Fixed Apple auto layout bugs.
  • Fixed bug recently opened not was updated.

Build 75 - Improved support foreign keys

Release date: 11 Dec 2017

  • Support navigate to referenced table by multiple foreign keys
  • Improved detect statement under the cursor.
  • Allow selecting multiple items on the left panel.
  • Changed default table content column width.
  • Perfect pixels fixes.
  • Supported uglify SQL Query.
  • Auto-suggestion for schema name.
  • TablePlus now will confirm you before exit if there are uncommitted changes.
  • Supported add/delete foreign key in the table structure.
  • Fixed bug auto-suggestion in MS SQL.
  • Fixed crash bug render in the background.
  • Fixed bug indent SQL by right click menu.
  • Fixed bug show wrong error location.
  • Performance improved.

Build 74 - Improvements

Release date: 3 Dec 2017


  • Supported edit row in SQL Query Result: issue 120.
  • Added auto-suggestion in database filter: issue 122.
  • Fixed theme issues: issue 121.
  • Supported plugin feature, you can write a plugin with pure Javascript: Example OpenURL plugin.
  • The number of rows returned now unique per connection.
  • Tab name now has two fonts: italic (tab can be replaced when open new item) and normal font. This behaviour is similar with Sublime Text.
  • Added a yellow popup when close braces/brackets/parentheses in SQL Query.
  • Added support auto indent new line in SQL Query: issue 123.
  • Added Redis driver, but still under development.
  • Fixed a crash bug when moving word boundary by a dot (hold option).
  • Fixed a bug SQL Query execute button was not enabled after execute statement contains only tabs.
  • General performance improved.

Build 73 - An awesome SQL Editor

Release date: 27 Nov 2017


  • Supported detect identifiers in SQL Statement.
  • Supported suggest tables in the schema.
  • Supported suggest columns of table define by alias.
  • Press Esc to toggle auto-completion.
  • Unique recently opened items by connection+database pair 119.
  • Boundary word by dot when: option + move left/right, option + delete and double mouse click 118.
  • Tuning dark theme colors.
  • Show change logs in update popup.
  • No more crash since build 72 😎

Build 72 - Dark mode.

Release date: 22 Nov 2017


  • Supported Full-dark mode
  • Added empty state for all screens
  • Show tab title in the end of status bar
  • Support emoji in MySQL
  • Fixed all undo issues in SQL Query
  • Improved support bytea
  • Improved stability and performance

Build 71 - bug fixes.

Release date: 16 Nov 2017


  • Fixed bug data not show correctly when result contains fields with the same name.
  • Fixed crash bug on OSX 10.11.
  • Fixed bug not show database listing when click on database button.

Build 70 - New features, bug fixes.

Release date: 15 Nov 2017


  • Added split pane in SQL Query feature.
  • Added auto highlight query under cursor.
  • Changed hotkey: Switch database cmd+shift+d.
  • Added hotkey: split pane cmd+d.
  • [MySQL] Fixed escape characters bug.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed bug can’t set now() as default value.
  • Improved general menu.
  • Fixed a lot of other bugs and stability improved.

Build 69 - New features, bug fixes.

Release date: 08 Nov 2017


  • Added support materialized view.
  • Added support byte data type.
  • Fixed random crash when rendering data cell <- important update.
  • Improved performance and stability.

Build 68 - Improvements, bug fixes.

Release date: 04 Nov 2017


  • Search part of the word (Fuzzy matching + recently matching): SQL Query, Open Anything.
  • Fixed bug lost all connections. <- very important
  • Fixed bug ordering in history tab (if the ordering is still wrong, please clear the history).
  • Fixed layout issue on OS X 10.13.
  • Performance and Stability Improvement. <- very important

Build 67 - New features, bug fixes.

Release date: 28 Oct 2017



  • Group history by date
  • Added new loading background and new workspace background
  • Updated PostgreSQL 10 driver, MySQL 5.7.20 and SQLite 3.21.0
  • Added auto suggestion table field name in SQL Query
  • Not allow to open table when it’s being created.


  • Fixed bug export result
  • Fixed bug can not re-order connection group
  • Fixed bug random crash when app become active
  • Fixed bug re-connect twice while switching database
  • Fixed bug edit colors are not affect in alternating view mode
  • Fixed bug insert rows by CSV with JSON field
  • Fixed bug undo not work correctly in SQL Query

Build 66 - New features, bug fixes.

Release date: 18 Oct 2017

Note: please re-login in this update.


  • Added table history.
  • Added warning level on safe mode.
  • Added export table progress indicator.
  • Allow switch tab by command + number while editing SQL Query.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed memory leak when export table.
  • Fixed bug delete key stop working in SQL Query.
  • Fixed bug conflict keychain with Pocket App.
  • Fixed bug require 2 click in right sidebar.
  • Fixed bug not reset sidebar after delete row.

Build 65 - Bugs fixes

Release date: 08 Oct 2017


  • Fixed bug welcome screen/workspace screen not always remember size.
  • Fixed bug crash when close workspace.
  • Fixed bug memory leak when close SQL Editor/SQL Viewer.
  • Auto focus TextView when open SQL Query.
  • Fixed bug case sensitive in auto completion popup.

Build 64 - Auto completion

Release date: 04 Oct 2017


  • Added auto complete feature.
  • Support delete row by delete button on full layout keyboard.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed bug report wrong error position in SQL Query.
  • Fixed bug not reload row detail after commit data.
  • General performance improvements.

Build 63 - Favorite and History

Release date: 26 Sep 2017


  • Added status bar for SQL Editor: line, column, position.
  • Added History and Favorite.
  • Added shortcut key for resize text size in SQL Query: command - and command +.
  • Added feature return on error when execute multiple queries.
  • Limit 100 result tabs to prevent crash when using split results feature.
  • Split queries now faster 1000 times.
  • Bold font for table header view.
  • Increase height of tab size.
  • Many bugs were fixed and general performance improvements.

Build 62 - Improvements

Release date: 17 Sep 2017


  • Added Outline View on Welcome Screen: group connection.
  • Added support import CSV.
  • TablePlus will show progress when execute queries in SQL Query.
  • SQL Query now can load large queries (up to 50 millions characters due to Apple limit).
  • Temporary disable highlight syntax when SQL Query has more than 20000 characters. (The limit will be removed in the future).
  • Temporary disable auto suggestion. (will be replaced with a better popup).
  • Added SQLite document type: now you can double click on SQLite file to open.
  • Changed font of Ruler in SQL Query to Mono Space font.
  • Correct parsing syntax for characters: # and \.
  • Fixed bug wrong format when import/export data.
  • Fixed bug can’t drop current database.
  • Fixed crash application when execute query with big text.
  • Fixed crash application when beautify a query.

Build 61

Release date: 7 Sep 2017


  • Press Space to toggle selected Row Detail.
  • Supported open SQL Query in Open Anything window.
  • Added shortcut key: command + ecommand + return to open SQL Query.
  • Added feature: middle mouse click on SQL Query icon to open new SQL Query tab.
  • Update layout: move table view setting to preferences, new icon set.
  • [SQL Server] Support query with Binary type.
  • [SQL Server] Handle update/delete row of table without primary key.
  • Redesign status bar: Mono Space Font + Cancel query.
  • Added feature open Quick Look by middle mouse.
  • Auto reconnect when connection failed.
  • [PostgreSQL] Added support connect without password.
  • [MySQL] Added support connect via socket.
  • Added SQLite Driver.
  • Fixed layout bug in feedback box.
  • Fixed MySQL performance issues.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Build 60

Release date: 29 Aug 2017


  • Added link to tables by foreign keys.
  • Added feature switch tabs by command + numbers.
  • Added new shortcut key execute statements command + return
  • Added new shortcut key execute selected statements command + shift + return
  • Added menu copy/paste rows in table data. Copy/paste rows to create new row.
  • Added menu copy cell.
  • Support main menu: copy, paste, cut, delete rows.
  • Changed shortcut key switch tab command + arrows => command + [ or ]
  • Increased default size of column date time.
  • Fixed bug crash when query return error.
  • Fixed bug can not save server port.
  • Fixed bug can not set value of new column/index. And many other bugs were fixed.

Build 59

Release date: 24 Aug 2017


  • Added recovery password function.
  • Added Query Progress Bar.
  • Added menu copy/paste in SQL Query Editor.
  • Added menu copy row as CSV/JSON in SQL Query result.
  • Auto disable buttons next/previous on paging section.
  • Added “local” environment in connection tag.
  • Added result suggestion in Open Anything Popup.
  • Supports switch database in Open Anything Popup.
  • Supports copy multi rows in table/query result.
  • Redesign export data UI.
  • Fixed glitch when open SQL Query.
  • Fixed crash when close SQL Query.
  • Fixed syntax error when truncate MySQL tables.
  • Fixed bug query filter.

And many other bugs was fixed.

Build 58 - Improvements

Release date: 12 Aug 2017


  • Fixed bug crash when generate alter table statements.
  • Fixed bug can’t select public schema in empty database.
  • Fixed bug case sensitive when search table and column name in left and right sider bars.
  • Fixed bug can’t connect to database over ssh in some case.
  • Added error popup in create connection screen.
  • Added support Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Added feature close tab by middle mouse on tabview.
  • Added feature open tab by middle mouse on left sider bar.
  • Added support run selected statement in SQL Query: command + shift + E.

Build 57 [HotFix]

Release date: 1 Aug 2017


  • Fixed: value not set when insert new row data.
  • Improved: UI in SQL Query.
  • Official release MySQL.

Build 56 [Big update]

Release date: 31 Jul 2017


New Features:

  • Plugin: TablePlus now supports plugins, you can write your plugin with JavaScript.
  • Added: query execution time.
  • Added: close tab by middle mouse button.
  • Added: gesture close left/right sidebar by moving mouse.
  • Redesign: structure/index tab.
  • Redesign: database listing dropdown.
  • Added: sound when lock database.
  • Added: sort database listing by alphabet.
  • Added: setting to show scrollbar in SQL Query.
  • Remove reload/log buttons.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: crash when get database listing.
  • Fixed: empty statement in preview SQL.
  • Fixed: crash when indent very large input text.
  • Show warning when trying to drop current database.
  • Improved performance and stability.

Build 55

Release date: 19 Jul 2017


  • Add support export JSON, copy as JSON
  • Add support document type, now you can open tableplus from file with SQL extension
  • Using default browser instead of Safari when open web link
  • Improved open anything: add placeholder
  • Many other bugs fixed, improved performance and stability

This is the latest release before big update, stay tuned 😁

Build 54

Release date: 14 Jul 2017


  • Fixed bug memory leak in SSH Framework
  • Fixed crash when get list of databases
  • Fixed bug create table
  • Improved create type statement Format
  • Improved open anything: cmd + p
  • Many other bugs fixed, improved performance and stability

Build 53

Release date: 12 Jul 2017


  • Supported switch schema
  • Supported open anything: cmd + p
  • Many bugs fixed, improved performance and stability

Build 51

Release date: 10 Jul 2017


  • Fixed bug undo/redo when close tab
  • Improved performance and stability

Build 50

Release date: 8 Jul 2017


  • Support undo/redo when rename/change primary key
  • Fixed bugs crash on OS X El Capitan
  • Fixed bug order column
  • [MySQL] Fixed bug not show error message
  • Improved performance and stability

Build 49

Release date: 5 Jul 2017


  • Fully support undo/redo when edit database, structure, indexes
  • Many bugs fixed, improved performance and stability

Build 48

Release date: 3 Jul 2017


  • [MySQL] Supported change ordinal position
  • [MySQL] Supported ENUM data type
  • Add Quick Look feature on right-click menu on Row Data
  • TablePlus is following Apple Sandbox
  • Bugs fixed, improved performance and stability

Build 47

Release date: 1 Jul 2017


  • Supported TLS
  • Supported open views in database
  • Bugs fixed, improved performance and stability

Build 46

Release date: 28 Jun 2017


  • Changed database icons
  • Added support config multi lines and change font size
  • Supported self-update
  • Improved performance and stability

Build 45

Release date: 24 Jun 2017