Upgrade to start using TablePlus at its Fullest


For basic user

Cannot change the theme

Limit 3 plugins

Limit 2 tabs, 2 workspaces

More premium features can be added in the futures, it can be the new limitations

+$69 $49

for a permanent license and one year free of updates

The license will be associated with your email address
The number of seats is the number of devices you can log in at the same time.

Paypal is not working on FireFox Quantum, please use Safari/Chrome instead.

Frequently asked questions

What is Happy plan?

The Happy plan is for individual developer. If you want to use TablePlus as a single user, we recommend choosing this plan. If you want to apply this license to multiple devices, just increase the number of seats.

You only pay once and keep using the app forever, but you can only upgrade the app for the first year after you purchased.

If you want to add more seat after purchased, click here: extend seats.

Can I get a refund on my licence?

We offer 7-day money back guarantee. If TablePlus does not work as advertised.

Please send a cancellation request by email to [email protected] from the license email address. If you bought TablePlus from our resellers, please ask them to refund.

Support and request new feature?

All plans come with support and feature request, feel free to contact us on Github to report a bug or request a new feature and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

When Windows version will be released?

We are working on it right now (macOS version took us 2 months to build from scratch).

You can sign up into the queue, we will send you an email when it's released.

Still have a question?

We're here to help. Get in touch and we'll get back to you shortly (GMT+7). Customer support: [email protected]